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Venom Searaider

One of the most versatile inflatable ribs on the market.


Superior quality workmanship, cutting edge designs and super efficient hull designs.


Our monohulls are well proven and are recognised as the top performing hulls in our industry. The structural integrity of our hulls are unsurpassed.

There is nothing this boat can’t do.

Smooth Rides

With a deep "V" hull, the Venom Searaider offers those on board a smooth and comfortable ride even in the roughest conditions


Fully Customisable Deck Layouts, Console and Colour Options
(click here for all console and accessory options available)

XRS 001 Console rigged_edited.jpg
RIB boat console venom searaider_edited.jpg
XRL 001console rigged_edited.jpg



The Venom Searaider is a semi-rigid mono hull inflatable craft, featuring a V mono hull construction with inflatable compartment.

The 3.1, 3.4, 3.8m, 4.2m, 4.5m and 4.8m Venom Searaider have a progressive V hull with provision for underdeck cabling for the 4,5m and 4,8m.


The 5.2m, 5.6m, 5.9m, 6.2m, 6.5m, 6.6m, 7.5m, 8.5m and 9.5m Venom Searaider have a deep V hull with provision for underdeck cabling and an underdeck hatch as standard fitment. Provision for the fitment of a 95 lit Polyethylene Fuel tank underdeck as an optional extra has been made on all model from the 5,2m to 6,6m.


The 7.5m, 8.5m, and 9.5m can be fitted with a 95lit or 200lit Polyethylene Fuel tank.

An exceptionally versatile craft, the "Venom Searaider" can be used for every application from leisure water sports to sea rescue.

Each Venom Searaider conforms to CE Directive 2013/53EU and is built to pass Stingray stringent quality control tests, using innovative materials and advanced construction technology.


The Venom Searaider 3,1m and 3.4m has a three compartment configuration, being one port, one bow and one starboard compartments.


The 3.8m has a four compartment configuration, being two port and two starboard compartments.


The 4.2m, 4.5m and 4.8m each have five compartments being one bow, two port and two starboard compartments.


The 5.2m,5.6m, 5.9m, 6.2m, 6.5m and 6.6m each have a six compartment configuration being three port and three starboard compartments.


The 7.5m and 8.5m have a ten compartment configuration being five port and five starboard compartments.


The 9.5m has a twelve compartment configuration being bow, six port and six starboard compartments.

"SEARAIDER" has a custom transom, constructed from glass reinforced polyester encased laminated ply.

Venom "Searaider" materials

  • Hypalon: A synthetic rubber coated fabric to Solas standards (ORCA®)

  • Hull and Decking: Hand laid up glass reinforced polyester with all gel coat finish




The Venom "Searaider" has a custom transom, constructed from glass reinforced polyester encased laminated ply.


•    5 Year warranty on pontoons ( * )
•    3 Year structural warranty ( * )
•    1 Year warranty on other items.
•    All-round life line
•    Tow-eye
•    Protective rubbing strake
•    Repair kit and pump
•    Wide range of optional extras

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